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Technology StatementTechnology Statement

We have listen to our Clients and/or our Employees needs and with the help of today’s evolving Technology we have taken all steps necessary to bring state-of-the-art Technology into our core business.

Using innovative and tailored made software we have built our Knowledge for our Clients, in a way that is Secure, Accurate and easily searchable. Such software enables us to handle Clients request in a timely manner and comply with their statutory requirements so that Clients can focus at their core businesses. Our Clients are confident that we store, protect and maintain their data in a highly secure manner.

Technology enables our Employees to provide the higher standard of Services. They can easily access all Resources available to them both internally and/or externally, we provide them with state-of-the-art equipment such as Smartphones, Tablets and Laptops so they can receive requests from Clients and respond to them even if they are outside of the Office and/or during their business trips.

Our Information Technology Team consists of qualified persons with long experience in implementing and maintaining Information Technology Systems and Infrastructure. They are always ready and have the necessary tools and access to enable them to successfully tackle with critical issues that may prevent full utilization of our Information Technology Systems and Infrastructure. They are always ready to support their Colleagues but also our Clients within their own expertise.