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Tsirides BuildingCOSTAS TSIRIDES & CO LLC was established in 1970 by its founder, Costas Tsirides and since then it has been established as one of the most reputable and respected law firms in Cyprus.

The head office of the firm is in Limassol, the commercial center of the island and the home of many national and international businesses and it is situated in a very preferential location in the Limassol Business Center, facing the Law Courts.

In over thirty years of successful practice, we managed to build a large number of clientele from all over Cyprus as well as internationally. Many of our clients are reputable and established in their field and require both a speedy service and a high level of expertise by their consultants.

Our firm, which was first established as a firm of General Practice, has remained so during the years, even though each member of the firm is now specializing in different fields of the law. Today, our lawyers, each specialist in their own field, offer our clients a large variety of services covering all aspects of the law.

One of our primary targets and concerns in dealing with our clients has always been to respect their individual needs and offer them personal services, tailored to their specific circumstances. Our firm is committed to each and every one of our clients and we handle each case with respect and discretion aiming to develop a personal relationship with our clients, based on mutual trust.

This philosophy has always helped us to offer our expertise by understanding the true needs of our clients and we pride ourselves on the fact that all our clients, private or commercial, individuals or corporate, receive the same personal service and care. The above values are fundamental to our approach and will always remain so.

In addition, the lawyers of our firm act as arbitrators, legal advisors and serving as members on the Board of Directors of a substantial number of companies registered and/or carrying business in Cyprus and abroad, both private and public.

During the years, Cyprus has become a leading center for International Business. Its geographical location at the crossroads of civilizations and a combination of favorable factors have made Cyprus one of the most attractive places in the world to act as the base to many businesses, both national and international.

The favorable tax regime, the double taxation treaties, signed between Cyprus and a large number of countries, the excellent telecommunications network and infrastructure, the high level of legal, banking and accounting services, the extensive use of the English language, the respectable status enjoyed by Cyprus Companies worldwide and also the fact that Cyprus is a full member of the European Union as of May 1st 2004, have attracted a lot of business to the island. As a result, Cyprus’ economy is flourishing and service providers, such as our firm, which has been involved with international business for more Guests Sittingthan twenty years, are faced with new challenges every day.

Understanding the need and tendency in the business field towards globalisation and in order to be able to offer our clients the same level of personal service and expertise not only in Cyprus but also around the globe, our firm has become a member of Balms Group International (B.G.I.), a worldwide association of independent law firms. Working closely together with our colleagues in B.G.I. we can now face, together with our clients, the challenges that lie ahead.