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Property and Conveyancing

In addition to other various favourable factors, that have contributed to the growth of the Real Estate market in Cyprus, the protection of ownership is safeguarded by the provisions of the Constitution, the ultimate Law of Cyprus, which establishes the equality of all persons and the respect for human rights, including the right to ownership, without discriminations.

According to Cyprus Law, Cypriots, as well as foreigners can enjoy all rights relating to ownership of their property without any interference either from the State or individuals.

Property Law in Cyprus is based on statute. A series of enactments regulates property rights, acquisition and all other related issues. Due to the flourishing of Real Estate market in Cyprus, these laws and regulations are updated constantly to reflect the current needs of the market.

Further, the entry of Cyprus in the E.U., as of May 1 st 2004, has greatly influenced the area of Property Law and a lot of enactments have been amended to comply with E.U. law.

COSTAS TSIRIDES & CO LLC is one of the leading law firms in Cyprus, with a vast experience on Real Estate and Property Law, offering a wide range of services including:

Search at the Land Registry Office to ascertain the property is free from any burdens,

charges or encumbrances.

Negotiating and Drafting of Contracts.

Introduction to banking organisations and negotiating and advising on loan and other

financing arrangements.

Stamping of contract.

Depositing of contract at the Land Registry for Specific Performance purposes.

Submitting of Application and all relevant documentation to the Pertinent Authority for

obtaining the approval to acquire immovable property.

Representation at the Land Registry and / or any other proper authorities for

the title deed formalities.

All other relevant services.

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