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Our firm has a long and distinguished history in dealing with civil litigation.

Members of our firm are in a position to deal with all types of civil litigation, big and small, and all means of dispute resolution. The Firm has experts in every field and cover cases proceedings in all courts and tribunals.

Members of the Firm also give advice on proceedings and disputes, and on ways to solve legal problems, day in and day out, working to achieve satisfactory outcome, in or out of court. We can deal with all types of case, whether they turn on factual issues or complicated legal arguments or procedural points.

Our work includes:

Contractual issues

Commercial matters (including company and partnership matters and fraud)

Land and property disputes (including ownership and trust claims)

Negligence claims (from personal injuries to pure economic loss and technical disputes)

Professional negligence matters

Breach of statutory duty

Local authority problems

We can often achieve a favorable outcome even without reaching trial, based on the advice as to law, evidence and tactics, and the strong presentation of the case that we are able to give once instructed as well as presenting a formidable case in court.